We are excited by PASSION

Art is a mighty force that if used effectively will not only entertain, but also liberate, prompt and educate.
We at Love Arts seek to motivate the creation of art that precedes positive change, art that like a wild fire is impossible to predict, but if harnessed properly can pave way to an inspiring movement.


Nurture gifts and talents and raising standard of Art, in all of its forms to positively influence mind set.


Impact culture and positively influence the nation through Arts.

Arts is the expression of human creativity and imagination, the very signature of the master artist- the creator of the universe. Arts is life and can define human interaction, as it has become a powerful tool in expressing thought and emotions.

core values

  • Nurture creativity and Innovation
  • Champion transformational Arts
  • Remain releveant
  • Respect for diversity
  • Radical transparency.


  • Champion the recognition of Arts as a sustainable career
  • Nurture artistic gifts and talents
  • Create an art platform for the advancement of Arts in Tanzania
  • Engage Arts as a driver for Tanzania’s development.

Championing the recognition of the arts industry in Tanzania as an industry that creates sustainable livelihoods and impacts lives positively.